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From a window/wall measurement and/or photo we can help design the perfect cable display system to the design and capacity you require.

Our sales team are here to help you through the world of cable, rod & component fittings.

“We have used the cable display system for many years through various brand updates and property market changes the humble cable display best showcases our properties”

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Still the display system favourite, through trends and fashion changes the traditional cable display to support acrylic showcards remains the favourite of most. Popular not only with estate agents for their property displays but with retail for poster displays opticians for eyewear displays and many other sectors such as schools and public sector, the cable display remains so adaptable to best showcase posters, property cards, information dispensers, literature holders, shelfs and much more. Flexible and adaptable to be used in a window display or wall display location, the dependable cable display is available in conjunction with our illuminated window displays and our traditional window displays. Floor to ceiling cable kits or wall to wall cable kits all supplied in kit form with clips etc.

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